All things considered, I think it safe to assume that at the end of every single day all we want to do is save money, why? It is a scarce resource that we all need. VOIP is an acronym that stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This refers to a category of hardware and software that helps you to use the internet as a medium for phone calls.

Simply put, you use it to send voice messages via the internet and it saves you money when compared to traditional means.

The Advantages of VOIP

Saves You Money 

As hinted at above one of the biggest advantage you get from VOIP is it saves you money, how?  Companies that offer VOIP broadband services charge lower fees when compared to traditional options. Take Skype for instance; with Skype you can make local or international calls for very little money.

If you call someone who let’s say is in Antarctica multiple times through normal means, you can imagine the nature of your phone bill at the end of the month.

Sometimes it’s Free

Sticking with Skype (VOIP service provider) you can make free PC to PC calls to anyone anywhere on the planet, however, you will be charged for PC to phone calls and vice versa.

You also have the option to buy unlimited calls within a specified geographical area.

You Can Use it Anywhere

As long as you have a broadband connection or a device that lets you access VOIP services, you can use it anywhere you like. All you need is a laptop tablet or even your phone; this means that you can enjoy cheap calling rates anywhere on the planet.

Allows You to ‘Cheat’ the System

Assume that you are in Vancouver and you move to Toronto, some VOIP service providers e.g. Skype give you the option to buy a number in Vancouver or anywhere else of your choosing. This makes it cheaper for you to keep in contact with people you know in Vancouver.

Another advantage is you can call and message at the same time.

The Disadvantages of VOIP

Loss of Service

During power outages you can lose service depending on what you are using, my advice, always have a phone on standby.

Not Good for Emergencies

If you are in trouble and you are using VOIP services, it can be difficult to locate you, unlike traditional phones.

Good Internet Connection is Required

Internet sucks in some places, if you reside in such a place. You will have problems, also if you have an outdated computer or if your software is not running correctly you may experience “difficulties”.

Simply put, the quality of your calls is affected by your hardware, PC performance, and broadband connection.

If you look at it, you can tell that the advantages of VOIP outweigh the disadvantages, but it also pays to be prepared especially if you doing something important. Therefore I advise you to get the right hardware, software, a stable broadband connection and always have a phone on standby.