SCOPE Alliance has always been a busy conference and events attended starting from 2009. The company has a tradition of sending random group members to experience each ITC events and report back to the company to hold a mini seminar for others to also benefit from the information received and learned. Some of the events and conference attended by the corporation are as follows.

June 2009

xTCA event was held in Boston with over 2,000 ICT participants from all over the world. The event primarily aims to tackle the development and technological discoveries and implementation among the telecom companies in and around the said area. SCOPE Alliance took part in the event sending five members of the group and participating in an active exchange of suggestions and implementation of the plans of the head ICT organization in Boston. Over 50 companies joined the event as participants and spectator of the event. Held also in the said event was showcasing talents and sharing of technological discoveries coming from different countries around the globe.

Sep 2010

European Symposium was joined by over 3,600 participants coming from various countries with over 150 companies entering the event. SCOPE Alliance sent ten people to the symposium to present the case in regards with the telecommunication gaps and suggesting possible bridges for the issues. The event also focuses on building new connection among the participants and the strengthening of bonds between telecom corporations despite the competition to maintain the growth of the industry versus other related options.

Oct 2011

OpenSAF Conference was led by several well-known technologists and experts in the telecom industry. These include developers, engineers, telecom company owners, managers, users, and professors. Each was coming from diverse location, company, and ethnicity. The 2011 conference was mainly sponsored by Ericsson, HP, and Wind River. The 2-day conference was open with the introduction of OpenSaf and what it can offer to the people in and outside the business. The status, development, and architecture of OpenSAF were also discussed.

May 2012

Regional Development Forum was conducted in the USA participated by over 2,500 participants in the local areas. SCOPE Alliance took part in the forum concerning the initiatives of the corporations and concerning people to take the telecom USA to the next level possible. Mainly, the event discussed innovative proposals, developments, and contributions to the future forums afterward.

Jun 2013

Regional Preparatory Discussion was held in the USA to discuss implementations of project plans and the objectives it tackles in the past. It mainly aims to keep track of the development for each project and see how the assigning groups perform for each innovative project.

Nov 2014

Digital Divisions Forum seeks to put ICT people close together despite recent project divisions, competitions, and technological gaps. The forum was participated by over 3,000 participants from different places sharing insights, software developments, network solutions, power management ideas, and unique project proposals for the year. SCOPE Alliance presented and shared newly developed software servicing corporations in the eCommerce industries extending securities and suitable software to make the world an easy place for their business.