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The Future of Telecommunications

Our vision is simple customer first, that’s why we believe that we are the future of telecommunications. Check our services to see what we can do to make your life better today.

We offer you award winning solutions that will give you a global competitive edge, and on a personal level make you push you forward.

Why Us

We have been in business since 1853 if you do the math that’s a very long time. Our experience has taught us to always put the needs of the customer first. We primarily are a voice carrier; currently, we use the microwave, fiber optics and copper to provide our services.

Why us? What drives us is the need to help you solve your communication problems, we know that without communication businesses out there would find it difficult to build, sell or monetize projects.

Our mission as a company is to make communication something that you don’t have to worry about, you won’t receive absurd bills in the mail box and if you have any issue you can contact us anytime or day, our line are always open.

We do this because we consider you and all our customers and employees as part of our family.

Media and Entertainment

Do you want to offer your customers something different? Do you want to broadcast, manage or deliver content in any format to anyone you want on the planet? You can depend on us, we offer you access to our global network that will bring you closer to your audience. We’ve worked with industry leaders like this registered psychologist in Vancouver.

Entertainment is big and consumers expect you to deliver videos, movies and anything else possible on televisions, tablets, smartphones etc. if you need a reliable partner to make this happen we are here for you.

Voice & Data

We believe in bringing the future of high-speed fiber Internet connections to people around the globe. We work with 3rd party installers and trade partners and contractors such as www.djplumbing.ca/ to create the necessary infrastructure for delivery.

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Things to Ask Your Nanaimo Home Inspector

One of the biggest investments you’ll ever make is buying a new home and buying means, as much as possible, avoiding having regrets about the purchase. This is where home inspection comes to the rescue. Though it is not required, being present during home inspection is highly recommended for buyers because this decides if the house was a go or a no. We gathered a few questions you should ask your Nanaimo home inspector to help you get this essential show-and-tell session rolling.

  1. What Credentials Do the Home Inspector Have?

Of course, you can’t do a thorough home inspection without hiring first a professional home inspector. Asking for their credentials helps to reassure you that you’re hiring the right professional to inspect your future home. You could start by asking them if they belong to a professional organization and what training and qualifications are required? What certifications do they have? How long have they been inspecting homes? What did they do before becoming a home inspector? Are they insured? Your home inspector needs to be knowledgeable about red flags during an inspection. Being able to answer your questions and advise you is a sign that you hired the right person for the job.

  1. How is the Electrical?

One of the most common cause of fire are faulty wires, so you’ll want your home inspector to check the home’s electrical. Ask if it is up to code. Are there any parts that are worn? If any upgrades were done to the electrical, were they done by a licensed electrician? Some insurance companies won’t insure the house, or will charge a higher premium, if the electrical is knob-and-tube so better ask the inspector if the home’s electrical is one. Know also if the outlets that near water sources are, like the kitchen, bathrooms, garage, and outdoor locations, GFCI outlets. Are there any exposed or damaged wires? Knowing the answers to these questions ensure the safety of not only the home’s electrical but also the home and those who will be living in it.

  1. How is the Plumbing?

A great piping condition indicates … Read the rest